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Valimo is open: 

Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM (Kitchen 11AM-8PM)

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Casual Harbor Bistro in the Heart of Suomenlinna

Experience the warmth of Valimo, a friendly harbor bistro in Suomenlinna, Finland. Located by the shipyard, it's a unique spot for pleasant summer vibes or cozy fall evenings by the fireplace.  Enjoy the scenic views of Helsinki's archipelago from the terrace. Whether you arrive by foot or boat, Valimo ensures a pleasant visit, with historic sights just a short walk away. It's your go-to place for good food and a great time in a lovely and charming setting.

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Valimo offers a diverse menu of daily changing bistro dishes

Our restaurant's cornerstone is handmade, high-quality food, always using the finest ingredients. We take pride in growing our own herbs and using homegrown flowers for garnishing.

We aim to create food suitable for all diets, offering a diverse menu with daily changing bistro dishes. Occasionally, you might even find a smoking pit warming up in the restaurant!

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Have a delightful time on your boat at Suomenlinna Guest Harbor.

Suomenlinna is a magnificent destination for boaters, and the services at Valimo's guest harbor ensure a pleasant visit. The historical attractions of Suomenlinna, like the fortress and museums, are just a short walk away from the guest harbor.

Valimo provides boaters with all the traditional harbor amenities, and in addition, saunas are heated daily for guest harbor patrons. If you're looking to stay overnight with your boat in the harbor, you can find instructions for arrival and accommodation in the link below.

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Valimo's Events

Valimo hosts a variety of events, providing unforgettable experiences for guests of all ages. Come spend quality time with family and friends in Valimo's unique atmosphere, enjoying good food and drinks! Below, you'll find a list of our upcoming events. Valimo's events offer the best live music in Helsinki!

Kaikuluotain Duo
July 13th

The program includes cover songs ranging from various genres, both in Finnish and English. July, Valimos terrace, and Kaikuluotain. Admission to the gig is free, warmly welcome!

Inspired By- trio
July 18th

Taru Väärti performs songs she has composed and written, which tell about the continuous ebb and flow of life. Anssi Kamula and Antti Vuorela accompany her on guitars.

Trio Tingo
July 25th

Trio Tingo is a group formed by three singers, brimming with joy, sensitivity, and a warm atmosphere, with a focus on multi-part harmonies. Our performances feature songs from various genres across many decades, in multiple languages. Beloved songs take on new dimensions through our bold and fresh arrangements.

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